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Being from India and having spent long years of my life there, I am attached to her and very much concerned with the problems out there. I feel sorry for those hundreds of millions of miserable people who are not able to make a living despite working hard or don't even have a job. We all know that Indian people are overall nice, enough smart, hard working, entrepreneurial and skilled. Then what's wrong with India? What are India's biggest problem and the solution to it?

I am sure if we all work in the right direction, we can make things a little better. Problems in India are numerous but please don't jump on and blame everything on overpopulation. We need to compare India with China. They are doing great even with that billion-plus figure. We easily find 10 to 50 times (not percentage) more goods in US markets and shops from China than from India. Please don't get surprised to know that even most businesses in India, now a day, are scared of Chinese dumping. So please let us not blame everything on overpopulation.

For the economic well-being of any nation, you need three things: (i) Natural Resources, (ii) Technological advances and (iii) The right economical and political system. We have the first two; but the lack of the third one is creating havoc on India. It is the time we tell our politicians that "We the people of India want peace and prosperity so much that one of these days government should better get out of the way and let us have it".
(Note: The above section was added in 2000 and India seems to be doing very well since then.).

I have compiled information about how to Invest in India. Indian markets are booming over the last few years and I get many emails asking me about how one can invest in the Indian market from overseas. If you are also interested in Indian markets, do not forget to look at How to Invest In India page which offers one of the best places to get information about investing in India.


I like Hiking and have done many of the hike in Ventura and Santa Monica Mountains. Please click here to go to some of my favorite hikes. One of my most favorite hikes is going close (behind) the famous Hollywood Sign.Click here to take a rare view of the famous Hollywood sign and million dollar panoramic view of the greater Los Angeles.

Stocks and Trading:

This is another area of interest. I have spent, wasted or whatever you want to say, ten plus years with stocks. I have made money and lost money too. It is a part of the game.

Besides the monetary aspect, stock trading is much more. I have enjoyed the greed, fear, excitement, stress, feeling of the 'smartest kid on the street' sometimes and many times finding myself 'the dumbest person on earth'. This is all great. If you were a true lover of this game, you would find it a one-way street. If you take it as an ongoing learning process and enjoy every bit of it, there is nothing like it. I am sure you would enjoy the stock pages on my website. Also, I have a full-featured web site about stock trading- ProfitFromPrices.com

Life and inspirational webpages:

Few moments spent on this section would transform your mood or a day for better. Believe me: this could be one of the most amazing medicines you have ever come across. Just give it a shot. Also, feel free to email a page or link to your best friend.

Jokes and fun:

Some of the best jokes on sardarjis, blondes and computer engineers. I especially love to collect jokes on married people so do not forget to look at some of the best Anniversary jokes on my website.
Note: Please email me your favorite jokes to share with the world.

Books and readings:

If you don't spare time for reading, are you really still alive? Do you know what Mark Twain once said? 'The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them'.
Take the gist of what I liked recently. I read mostly about business, investment, technology. I am sure you won't be interested in all that. So this section is waiting on input from you. Send me something about your favorite book.

Best on Net:

I have put best deals I have come across so that you don't have to spend time looking around. Money and slick deals is not the only thing I am after; I also go out for hiking in Santa Monica mountains in Los Angeles. So I have recently started adding hiking information for various hikes in Circle X Ranch, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Hillcrest Open Space, Newbury Park, Lake Piru, etc.

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