Best Hikes in Los Angeles, Simi Valley and Ventura county
* Santa Monica Mountains
* Conejo Open Space
* Simi Valley Open Space

After moving to Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks area (in greater Los Angeles), I started hiking. We formed a LAHikers hiking group and started hiking in different places in Santa Monica mountains. The objective was to hike for around 3 hours in a 5 to 6 miles hike that has around 1000 feet elevation gain.

If you are more into day picnics and hanging out with friends and families, here are my favorite Picnic Areas and Parks in Los Angeles and Ventura County.

If you are a new hiker, please take a look at safe hiking tips to make your hiking enjoyable and safe.

Here are some my most favorite hikes in this Los Angeles, Ventura, Thousand Oaks area:

If you want to do only one hike, you should do the Hollywood Sign Hike to get closer to the famous Hollywood sign.

If you want to do the best hike around Los Angeles, you should do Mishe Mowka in Circle X Ranch in Santa Monica Mountains:
Grotto Trail in Circle X Ranch in Santa Monica Mountains
Mishe Mowka Loop- One of the best hikes in Los Angeles

Cheeseboro Canyon Hikes in Agoura Hills, Oak Park Area

Cheeseboro-Palo Comado Loop 1
Cheeseboro-Palo Comado Loop 2
Cheeseboro Canyon/Canyon View Trail
Simi Peak/ China Flat Trail

Mt McCoy

Newbury Park Hikes

* Boney Mountain Trail- This can be a very deceptive hike so after searching on the Internet for sometime and having hiked there around 3 times, I think you and other visitors need some reliable information. Please click here to get most accurate info about this trail.
* Hidden Valley Overlook Trail (around 5 miles, 700 feet (best guess) (directions/summary)
* Hiking to the Waterfall (round trip around 3 miles- 300 feet or so elevation gain) (directions/summary)
* Waterfall, Boney Trail, Sycamore Canyon Trail Loop ( 5 miles, 700 feet) (directions/summary)

Conejo Open Space Org:
Hillcrest Open Space

Lake Piru Camping and Hiking

West Hills, California--Castle Peak Hike

Las Virgenes Area Hiking- Hiking from Las Virgenes Trailhead

Best Hikes Trails in Simi Valley, CA

Mt McCoy Hike/Trail (including Cross on the hill and Ronald Reagan Library)
Wildlife Corridor Trail in Corriganville Park, Simi Valley, 93065

Some of the best websites for hiking:
Conejo Open Space Org