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Homepage of Jayesh Patel and you probably don't know anything about Jayesh Patel, right?

Do you really care to know about me? Frankly, in my opinion, you will get bored! You are warned!!

I can tell you what I like to do or how I look in this interconnected world of the Internet. The invent of Internet is sort of a good thing for someone like me who at times is inward going and has limited topics to talk with others. If something does not have enough ROI or meaning IMO, I will probably avoid to talk about it.

If I can not do something about something, I do not like to talk about it! You would be surprised to see how well I am with stock prices, math and numbers but when it comes to typical weather/temperature numbers in LA or any part of my world, I am too bad!!! It is weather, silly, I can't do anything about it so why bother with how hot it is or how humid it is!!

Over last decade, I have extended my brain mega times! I hate to store any info (unless ROI is really good) in my brain cells! Instead, I use my extended brain- Google I mean. When some info is only a few clicks away, why waste memory/brain cells on it? I would push few buttons on my desktop or on my cell phone and I would get what I need! Isn't that the best use of technology? Use technology as a slave and spare life for more meaningful things.

I never thought I would write a book but I did and most of my readers love it! It is a book on stock market trading. Google "Jayesh Patel CFA" and it should bring you to my book website www.profitfromprices.com . I have not spent any money on publishing or marketing. I get readers, again thanks to Google, from the Internet and by referrals. The topic is tough but the approach is as simple as it can be. No complex models, no confusing theories. I use 4 daily prices for stocks, Open, High, Low and Close, with Volume and do simple comparison to determine the actual demand and supply for any stock. If you are curious, click here to know the power of stock prices. (Inside tip: If you are in stock trading, do spend five minutes reading that page. It will be one of the best favors you have done yourself. If you are not in trading, please do not read anything about stock trading or my book. Stock trading is a dangerous addiction!)

I never thought I would get into teaching but that is what I did after finishing engineering in India. I worked as an Assistant Lecturer at L D College of Engineering and taught the first batch of MCA students! I wanted to go to the USA for higher studies and also wanted to go to Manekchowk (Ahmedabad Stock Market) to trade stocks so that job made perfect sense. Today I would say that if you want to work for someone (I mean do a job), there is no better job than teaching in a college. It keeps you fresh, free and lively.

I never imagined that I would work for a company!!! But unfortunately I decided to leave India after a very extended bear market in Indian stocks (I founded and managed NSE stock broker company- InvestMentor Securities Ltd from 1992 to 1999) and now I am in same boring job for last many many years! When I graduated, I took the Sanskrit slogan literally- Sa Vidya ya vimuktye- True Education is supposed to free you- not enslave you.

Got bored? I told you it is no fun to know about me! If you are still not bored and care to know more about me, it is your choice!

I am going to tell more about me hoping to be better able to connect with you than doing PR for myself. I want to give you some clues so if we ever crossed roads, you can identify me and connect with me.

I was born in Langhnaj, a village in Mehsana district of Gujarat. Father was a Principal in a school in Ahmedabad, India where I studied from Grade 1 to Grade 10 (Well, it has its benefits and costs too if you are studying in a school where your father is Principal). I am greatly influenced by my father, Ramanbhai Somnath Patel who passed away in 1996. I still miss him and remember him usually every day when I close my eyes in front of God while offering my morning prayer.

Then studied in AG Higher Secondary and then completed Computer Engg from the first batch in L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. I think I studied seriously only in 2 grades - 10th and 12th, when I had state wide Board examinations. Had worked so hard in the 12th, I had sort of decided to enjoy my engineering school. I watched lot of movies in first few years. Then Gujarati bug stuck me. Was looking for ways to earn while I was studying so got hooked up with stocks! I was the first in family to own stock. Enjoyed school years thoroughly- most of my school friends did not like to call Jayesh so I was a Jaylo for them LOL. Played street cricket a lot and enjoyed kite flying tremendously. Being a Gujarati, most fun as a kid was naturally in catching kites than flying!

This is turning into an autobiography, right? And I would hate to waste your time... so let me cut it short.

Was impressed by the Internet in 1999 after leaving hectic stock broking environment of NSE in Ahmedabad and migrating to a tech job (big downgrade as such in work satisfaction). Wanted to create my website. The website was originally for fun. Then as a means to store things I liked in one place. Then as it happens with most other things in life, I was losing interest in this website. Then Google came on horizon with Ad-sense! As a Gujarati, Ad-sense did make sense to justify my website! So it got a new birth.

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