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This section on this website is now divided in two parts.

  1. For online search: Google is no doubt the best search engine. Google was the best few months back. Yahoo and MSN are trying to catch up Google. I would recommend you to try DogPile which brings in best from all. (As time passes, half of the top spots on any search on Google is being taken up by junk. Have seen Google take you to a page that has nothing but google ads on it?)
    Let me know which is your favorite search engine.

  2. Google
  3. How to be prepared in wake an attack by terrorists? Click here to read.
  4. Somebody forwarded this email saying them as best pictures of the last century!! Curious to take a peek? Please click here.
  5. If you like stocks and trading, here are few things for you:
    * Best Stock Market Articles blog
    * If you are looking to learn stock trading, the best book out there is...well, it is my book- Profit From Prices LOL

    * Best stock price charts are available at

    * Keeping track of stocks, stock prices and portfolios- I get what I need at Yahoo! Finance

    * For after-market quotes and order-book, go to ECN
  6. If you want to visit/settle in the USA, look at the Path to the USA website.
  7. If you need to convert a file from one format to another, please visit You can conver your PDF into WORD or a .Mov file into mpeg or almost anyting.
  8. Create passport photos online Online Passport Photo is the Internet passport photos booth, empowering people around the world to use technology to get valid passport photos online for less. We put an end to the passport photo rip-off - join our revolution today by following 3 simple steps for getting passport photos for less!
  9. If you want to find out about natural beauty in America, here is my favorite National Park Service (NPS) website.
    * If you are looking to take hike this week-end, go visit great local hikes or better look at the hiking group I belong to
  10. I like this photo website to publish and share your best pictures. Click here to look at my pictures.
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