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What I have learned

Let me distinguish between knowing and learning. Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowing is getting information. To know about something. There is no end of information that we come across at every step in our life. Initially, I was stuffing my brain with all sorts of information- how many states are there, how many Presidents, how many planets, what are their names, who wrote what book and what poem was written by who...the list is endless. However, with advent of the Internet and handheld tools to connect to the Internet, there is really no need to memorize that sort of information. Why waste brain cells when you can buy a 2TB hard drive for less than 100$! LOL. Why stuff brain when you can access them, maybe in few more seconds, on the Internet? Or with 2 or 3 clicks on your iPhone or Android phone or Tablet. In this age of smart phones and Internet, you need to spend some time in learning how to get the most out the Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing search engines.

Important thing in my opinion is wisdom and learning what really matters. Learn from others experiences. Make few mentors. Keep a list of family members, friends of colleagues who are experts and who are in avid pursuit of information and knowledge. Let us say you get a traffic ticket and not sure what is the best way to respond. First, talk to your friend or family member who seems to be experienced/knowledgeable about this stuff. Give me him/her a call. Most probably he or she would love to help you (Who doesn't like to give advice? LOL). Also, this is a great opportunity to connect with a friend or a relative when we happen to live in a cave (or a mention/palace) in modern society. If this way doesn't help, Google it. If you are trying to fix something with your leaking toilet, or with your car or washer/dryer, search YouTube too. You will most probably find someone with step by step instructions.

Now we live in such a time when you have more information available than you need. Or you can understand. When I say 'you', I mean most of us. I am included too. Some news channels are just wastage of our time in my opinion. As an example, if you are following CNBC or some business channel, it is surprising to know that we have wasted last 3-4 years to find just one answer- Is US Economy doing good? Or are we doing bad? They keep us fluctuating between two sides... It is their business to get us hooked up so they make money but there are things in life nobody (very few I mean) has a handle on it. Also, it really doesn't matter for most of know about certain things. There are better things out in life....

To talk about what matters and what helps in your day-to-day life. THIS IS the guiding force for this section on my website. I intend to write down what I have learned. I also encourage you to share what you have learned.



Last Updated on February 11, 2018