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Best Hikes in Los Angeles/Ventura area

Best Parks for Picnic in LA and Ventura county

Hollywood Sign Hike

Best Hikes in Simi Valley
(Mt McCoy hike,
Hummingbird Hike, Wildlife Corridor Trail)

Grotto Trail (Circle X Ranch)

Mishe Mowka Loop

Boney Peak/Mountain Hikes

Chesseboro Caynon- Simi Peak Trail

Cheeseboro-Palo Comado

Cheeseboro Chanyon/Canyon View Trail

Hillcrest Open Space

Conejo Open Space Org

LAHikers group website

Living in Thousand Oaks/Oak Park area

Best on the Internet

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Best Stock Trading Book

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Best Hikes in Simi Valley, California

Mt McCoy Hike/Trail (including Cross on the hill and Roand Reagan Library)
Mt McCoy

Wildlife Corridor Trail in Corringville Park, Simi Valley, 93065l

Hummingbird Hike near Kuehner Dr, Simi Valley

Some nice Picnic Areas in Los Angeles and Ventura County

Looking for some nice parks in Simi Valley? Pick your park here.

Would you like to take a view at gorgeous photos of Simi Valley? I have posted many photos of the town from varous hills/mountains.
Click on this link or on the photo below.

Simi Trailblazers seems to be a group that gives us many in-the-area as well as out-of-the-area hiking alternatives for Simi Valley residents. Here is the link to best simi valley hikes on Trailblazers website


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