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Welcome to one of the most frequently visited areas of my website.

You would find many useful ideas here. If you are an investor, I recommend you visit this page about how to know a stock before we invest and how to analyse a bear market. If you get frustred about stock market, see this is what happens to all of us, not just yourself. Also investing is a long learning process and I believe we should document our every purchase transcation. You may like to fill up this form after or before each transaction and file them.

If you are an active investor or a trader, you sure will love to know about stop-loss and how to place one for your advantage and also about the trading tips on markets and stocks. If you are wondering about Stock Options, you would find this table handy about how to use options. I strongly advise each of the visitors of my homepage to visit my stock lessons page for sure. If you spend enough time on it, it can do wonders for you.

If you don't know about it, I have an investment club/community on MSN named as TradingIdeas. Here we discuss stocks interactively. Give it a shot by putting your email address in a box below.

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You may want to look at my observations about market on my old message board (sorry, the message board website is out of business) (currently I post more on TradingIdeas club board) or you may even want ask me about your favorite stock!

Enjoy the amazing world of investing...

If you want to explore career opportunities in investment field, see below

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Last update date: February 11, 2018