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Living in Venture county (Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village)

I moved to Westlake Village in 2000 and then to Simi Valley in 2008. Both of them are around 10-12 miles away and are in Ventura county in Californai. I have enjoyed both towns and also neighbouring cities.

Here are few things I like about living here.

  1. Ventura county has nice landscapes- mountains, trees and lakes. Many of the cities are on the Pacific shore or at most 20 mintues away from nice beaches. Ventura county beaches are usually less crowded than othe LAX beaches.
  2. The mountains around Simi Valley and Westlake offer great outdoor and hiking opportunities. I have hiked on most of the trails here. Look at the hiking group that I belong to: . We have explored Wildwood park (Paradise Falls, Lezard Rock, Indian Cave, Santa Rosa Trail etc) in Thousand Oaks, Rocky Peak-Hummingbird trail- Wildlife Corridor trail in Simi valley, Paramount Ranch in Santa Monica mountains, Simi Peak and China Flats in Westlake Village/ Oak Park, Point Dume in Malibu, Sunset Blvd hills, Sand stone peak and Grotto in Circle X ranch, Malibu Canyon State Park, Cresto canyon, Cheseeboro canyon, Hillcrest Open Space in thousand Oaks, Grotto Trail , Boney Mountain etc. Have plans to visit Hollywood Mt hike and some hikes in Channel Island National Park...
    My two favorite hikes around Simi are Mt McCoy and Rocky Peak.
  3. Here are some of my most favorite Picnic Areas and Parks in Los Angeles and Ventura County

  4. Great Places To Hike
    Around Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Ventura and Los Angeles county

    Mishe Mowka Loop

    Chesseboro Canyon

    Hillcrest Open Space

    Grotto Trail

    Another advantage of living in Thousand oaks area is you will find all types of stores within few miles- Best Buy, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, Costco, Ralph's, Vons, Macy's, JC Penny, Staples,...Any store you name it and you will find it.

  5. Camarillo which is 10 miles from Thousand Oaks has a large Outlet Stores mall. This is not an ordinary outlet mall. This is a collection of outlet stores of Premium brands and if you are planning to go there, do not forget to get a discount voucher by visiting this website!
  6. Thousand Oaks is part of Conejo valley which has a very good school district- Conejo Unified School Distict. Simi Valley boasts of Vista Fundamental school which has highest API the county.
  7. Also, there are planty of activities and organizations for school. If you have a young kid, don't forget to enroll him/her in local basketball activities- Conejo Youth Basketball Association (CYBA), Game On Bastketball - Westlake village, Flag Football or US renowned kid soccer AYSO league in Simi Valley.
  8. In April-May, don't forget to visit the Underwood Farm for fresh strawberry picking.

Thinking of sharing something about Westlake Village, CA or Thousand Oaks, CA? Send me an email..
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