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Save money on Telephone calls- local calling, long distance calling

Posted December 28th, 2006 by Jayesh Patel
Categories: Smart Deal, Deals

You have probably heard about broandband internet- DSL and you also probably have heard about VoIP (Voice over IP).

DSL- Broadband internet access connects your home computers to the Internet. There are primarily two types of internet connections- Dial-up and Broadband. Broadband can come in verious formats- Cable, DSL, Satellite, Wireless.  (All broadband users can use VoIP calling- for DSL too. Most people think that  you have to have a local telephone line to have DSL but that is not true. YOu can have DSL without a local telephone service. They call it Naked DSL or Dry Loop DSL)

VoIP- This is Internet calling. Previously telecom companies had PSTN lines over which we made calls to our friends and relatives. Now we have Internet calling. The Internet which carries information about various websites for you now also carries your voice. You can call using Internet.

Well, well, well..what is the deal hear?

Get Vonage, Sunrocket or Packet8 internet if you have Broadband Internet. You are probably paying 20 to 30 dollars each month to Verizon or SBC for your local telephone service.  Stop that service and save that money and spend it on UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE.

If you have broadband, get rid of local telephone service and order Vonage, SunRocket or Packet8. They give you unlimited local and long distance calls for 15 to 25 dollars per month.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

1. It saves money! For the 25 dollars that you are paying just for your phone and local calling, you can get unlimited local and long distance calling with VoIP. Do you see the value here. Same dollars are getting you much more with VoIP here.

2. You are not tied to the area code you live in. I am in 805 area code but as most of my relatives live in 714 area, I can choose to have a phone number in 714 area code so all my relatives can call me as local calling.

3. VoIP services come with so many facilities- for FREE. You get free VoiceMail, 3 way calling, Call waiting, speed-dialing, etc.

4. If your wife takes you to live with your in-laws for a week, take your VoIP phone adapter and connect it to their Broadband router/modem there and you will not miss a single call even if you are not at home.

5. If you have relative in countries like India, China, or anywhere in the world, you can give them a US number there. They can call anyone in the US, Canada or Europe (in some cases) Unlimited for a fixed monthly fee. My brother-in-law uses Vonace from his office in India. That helps his business too. 

6. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to keep your computer on to use Vonage!

What are the problems?

1. People complain that sometimes the quality is poor. However most of the time, their quality is better than what we get on our cell phones.

2. You have to be comfortable with technology---but this is no longer true. You can set up your home with VOIP in less than 10 minutes.

3. You have to have some internal wiring changes so you can use this VOIP phone from every phone jack in your home-- The solution is a phone with multiple hand sets. The good thing is- some of the VOIP providers give them out Free after mailing rebates.