Hiking in Simi Valley: Corriganville Park: WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL

WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL - Elevation change: 900 ft.: Similar to Hummingbird trail. On Local Hikes, there are nice reviews of Corriganville park.

Corriganville is a lovely 246 acre park, and one of my favorite places for a morning hike. The interpretive trail meanders down an oak shaded trail on both sides of a small creek, with interpretive signs detailing both nature and the 3500 movies made at this location almost 40 years ago. The slightly longer Loop trail takes you though some of the spectacular sandstone formations. The longest hike from this park is WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL - Elevation change: 900 ft. This is a path leading from Corriganville Park to Rocky Peak Trail. The trail passes under the 118 freeway through a wildlife tunnel. A short way up Rocky Peak Trail from the junction is the Rock House, a small room built under a rock overhang.

Trailhead: The trailhead is located in Corriganville Park on Smith Road in Simi Valley.

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WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL: After you park your car in Corriganville Park parking lot, please enter the park and keep going straight. There are lot of marking and boards for trees in this park but unfortunately very few signs for hikers. Towards the end of the park, you will enter Rotary Club Youth Camping site. Once you pass it, you will see the 118 freeway and then this "WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL" really starts. This is a moderate to tough hike for normal people- 4 miles in distance and around 900 feet elevation gain. This is perfect for weekend morning.
Compared to Rocky Peak trail, which starts from Rocky Peak exit on 118, and the Hummingbird trail, that is on the north side of Kuhner exit, this WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL is less popular and you will hardly find much details about 'WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL' on the internet except this page LOL!

Actually, WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL falls in the middle of Hummingbird and Rocky Peak hikes as shown in the map below. Rocky Peak is a popular hike and you will see lot of people on weekends. Rocky Peak is also most of the time on the fire road. On the other hand, you will have a better hiking experience with WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL on its narrow trails, quietness and birds around you. Also, this trail passes under the 118 freeway through a wildlife tunnel which in opinion has nice work/graffiti.
Probably this is the best photo taken with any iPhone in my opinion. Anyway, it shows the tunnel underneath freeway 118.

wildlife tunnel freeway 118

Here are some pictures of the WILDLIFE CORRIDOR TRAIL taken on Treo or from Microsoft Virtual Earth to help you plan your hike!

Picture: Arial overview of the Corrganville Park and how our trail goes through it!


Picture of the duct for wildlife to cross the freeway! It is cool to see it! Don't worry there is no wildlife there most of the time except some graffiti on the walls!

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Once you hit Rocky Peak Fire Road, turn right and go few hundred feets and then climb up few feet on the big rocks on your right. They give very relaxing views of Simi Valley on the west as well as whole San Fernando Valley on the east side!


Some caves and rock formations:

rock formations


cave in simi valley

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