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Which Camera Works Best in a Concert?

Compact Cameras In Concerts:

If you don't have a pressing need for photos, my advice is to enjoy the concert instead of trying to taking photos or trying to shoot videos. Shooting in a concert a tough battle for most people. Your enemies are too powerful LOL

So why not enjoy the concert and if needed, take a photo or two with your phone. This is from my experience 6 years back trying to shoot a fireworks. No success but wasted an opportunity I had in front of me in the form of a great fireworks. Since than, I have never brougth a camera with me on 4th of July fireworks. If I feel a strong desire to see fireworks photos, I visit flickr.com and enjoy professionally taken awesome photos.

SLR cameras or Cameras with larger sensor:

Even most SLRs have tough time shooting in concerts. Said that there are few alternatives. If you can buy a Full Frame advanced Nikon or Canon camera that costs $2000 or more, and can buy some expensive lens, you will have better odds for good photos. Now with such big professional cameras, you are more likely to be stopped at the gate and told to leave the camera behind because most concerts don't allow shooting with professional gear.

Now here is a one cheap alternative that I have recently started using.

Last Updated on February 11, 2018