Oracle HRMS: Create Employees in Oracle HRMS from Excel

Oracle EBS- How to create Employees in Oracle HRMS from an Excel File

Oracle has a powerful Excel based tool- Web ADI- Web Application Desktop Integrator which can be used with some simple set up to upload data into Oracle HRMS and create Employees. Oralce also offers some intergration tools and Application Programming Intefaces - APIs. There are many Oracle HRMS APIs in R12. With using Oracle HR APIs and Web ADI features, you can make it easy for users to do a mass/bulk uploading of Empoyee records. This can come handy at the time of acquisions or mergers. You can also use this for a new implementation of Oracle HRMS. With a little training, you can enable your HR staff to upload new employees on the ongoing basis.
Here is a guide for an Oracle Functional Consulatant to get this done.

  1. Assign yourself 'Web ADI' responsibility. This responsibility uses Desktop Integrator Menu.
  2. Open up Desktop Integrator Menu and make sure it has following sub-menus. If there not, add them. No need to assign Prompts:
    HRMS ADI Create Document Menu
    HR ADI Seeded Integrator Form Functions
    Web ADI R12 HRMS Integrator

  3. Now Launch Create Document from Web ADI in Oracle EBS R12
    WebADI create document
  4. Select 'HR Integrator Setup' Integrator and Click on Next
  5. On Select Viewer, Select the correct Excel version. MAKE SURE Reporting checkbox is unchecked. Click on Next

  6. For Content, Select None. Click on Next
  7. Review the details on Document Creation Review page and click on Create Document
  8. An HRMS Intergrator Template will open up in Excel.
    (If you run into issues and if the Template does not open in Excel, go to Excel Options and make sure Macros are enabled, Visual Basic projects are trusted.)
    Enter following details:
    Metadata Type: CREATE
    Application Short Name: PER
    Intergrator User Name: Thanks to Jayesh Patel (Kidding, use any name you like or following naming convensions of your organization)
    View Name: Keep it blank
    Form Name: GENERAL
    API Package Name: HR_EMPLOYEE_API
    API Procedure Name: Create_Employee
    Interface User Name: APPS
    Interface Parameter List Name- Any name (Later you customize it if needed)
    API Type: Procedue

    After this information is entered, click on Add-Ins on the Excel top menu. Select Oracle and Click on Upload. Select All rows and upload.
    (Easy said but you may run into some issues. I am sure you can fix it yourself. Or email me)

  9. Now use System Administrator responsibility. Go to Application > Function

    Enter information as above. Under Properties tab, select Type as Subfunction. Note down the User Function Name you have selected.
  10. Open up the Desktop Intergrator Menu again and add the fuction you created in above step:
  11. Repeat Step 3. Click on Create Document under Web ADI reponsibility. This time select "HR Maintain Integrator Form Function Associations" integrator
  12. Same thing. The Integrator set up will open in Excel
    For Intergrator Application Name, select PER
    Integrator User Name: Should be populated. If not, enter your Integrator User Name
    Form Function Name- The name from step 9

    Click on the Oracle and select Upload to Upload into Oracle.
  13. Now Launch Define Layout rom Web ADI in Oracle EBS R12 (Try this yourself. It is simple.)
  14. All of your set up is done.
    Now Launch Create Document from Web ADI in Oracle EBS R12. In the list of Integrators, you should see the one you have created. Select it. Then select the Layout from step 13.
    Follow the process and a blank template will open up in your Excel. Copy and Paste data from your other Excel file that has Employee list. Massge that list to make sure columns are in same order as per Template so you can Copy and Paste.
    Verify and if looks fine, click on the Upload in Oracle add-Ins on Excel.

    If needed more help, email me.