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Investing In India- How to get A PAN Card from Income Tax Dept in India

Click here to download the application form to obtain 'PAN' Number

How to Fill 'PAN' Form

What are the Important Points to remember while Filing the 'PAN' Form?

The PAN form should be filled in by the assessee with due care and caution. There should be no corrections or overwriting and it should be properly signed and verified by the person who is authorised to do so under the provisions of I.T Act. The following important points may be taken care of while filling up the form:

Name & Address:
The name and address must be written in block letters and while filling up the same, one cage may be left blank after each word.No initials are allowed to be used while filling in the name. Full name has to be given.

Correct code Numbers of the assessee's status/residential status may be filled in.

Date of Birth:
Date of birth is very important and to be filled.

Father's Name:
Father's name has to be given even in case of married ladies.

Sources of Income:
A person should have at least one source of income to apply for PAN. So the relevant box should be checked in the form

In case of Companies the Following Additional Details have to be Filled in the Form :

The verification must be signed by the authorised person, and other particulars viz. Name, Assessment Year, Capacity, Place and Date should be correctly filled therein. Please note that any person making a false statement is liable to be prosecuted under Section 277 of the Income - Tax Act.

Who can Verify and Sign the 'PAN' Form ?

Individual : Dual is absent from India or because of any other reason he is not able to sign and verify his PAN form of income,then any person duly empowered by him through valid Power of Attorney may sign on his behalf.In such case a certified copy of the Power of Attorney must accompany the PAN form.

Hindu Undivided Family : By the Karta or where he is absent from India or is mentally incapacitated from attending to his affairs, by any other adult member of such family.

Company : In this case by the following :-

i) By the Resident : The Managing Director or, where there is no Managing Director or he is not able to sign and verify the PAN form.due to any unavoidable reason, by any director thereof.

ii) Non-resident : The PAN form may be signed and verified by a person holding a valid Power of Attorney from the Non-resident, which should be attached to the PAN form.

iii) Wound up / taken over by the Govt. : The PAN form should be signed and verified by the Liquidator or the Principal Officer as the case may be.

Firm : Managing Partner, or, where there is no Managing Partner or due to some unavoidable reasons, he is not able to sign and verify the PAN form, by any partner thereof, not being a minor.

Local Authority : By the Principal Officer

Association of Persons : By any member of the Association or the Principal Officer thereof.

Where to File the PAN Form?

Presently the pan application may be submitted at the UTIISL counters along with the following.

a) Two photographs of stamp size in case of Individual
Important: PAN Card application requires very odd sized photos 35mm x 25 mm and only way is to get PAN Card photos at reasonable rates in the USA is with http://www.onlinepassportphotos.com

b) Proof of identity for residence & date of Birth

c) Payment of fee of Rs. 60/- + Rs 5/- application form cost.

The tamper proof high security PAN card will be issued within 15 days from the date of filing of the application.

There is a Tatkal Scheme under which the pan card will be issued within 2 days on payment of D.D. for Rs. 150/- in cse of urgency.

To know the position of allotment,one may enquire with PAN query centre or PRO in Income Tax Offices. Further, there is a website available - 'www.utiisl.gov.in'.

In case of transfer of an assessee from one Region to another, the fact of trasfer has to be informed at the old stations with a request for transfer of PAN to the present Region.

For more current details, please visit the official website of the Income Tax, India