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Gujarati poems

By my brother- Dr. Dilip Patel, MD

Dilip is a doctor by profession. He works in a Costa Mesa state hospital and lives in Villa Park, California. When I say he works, I mean he really works. Helping people in any possible way is his passion. He also runs a free clinic at Swaminarayan Temple in Whittier, 10/12 miles east of Los Angeles, every Sunday evening when hundreds of devotees attend Sunday meeting (Ravi Sabha). In his busy work schedule, calls, religious activities and family affairs, he always finds time to attend meetings on Gujarati literature, visit Gujarati websites and read Gujrati literature. If you are also an avid Gujarati lover, feel free to contact him.

Dilip started writing poems and stories when he was like 8 or 9 years old and one of his early poems was published in Navneet Samarpan. He continued sparing time even when he was in Medical school and was busy with internship and residency. Recently it seemed he had also become like me, and like most of you too. It seemed he was also losing touch with his creativity amid routine machine-like day-in-day-out structure of ,sometimes purposeless, life in the USA. (I think Dilip can explain this life in the USA in his own words in the very first poem on this page). I thought he wasn't in kavitas anymore! To my surprise, I got this list of kavitas that let his feelings, may be little frustration with things going on currently, flow freely. So this is my attempt to share my brother Dilip, his emotions and his creativity with you. I am sure people like you will add more color to his life and encourage him to write more such things.

Here are few of his creations on this page. (I am a material finance/computer guy from beginning. I have written something too but of a different kind. Curious to know about me? Look at my Profit from Prices website.) When I was young, I used to joke that I was the only audience Dilip, and few other friend kavis and writers like Daxesh Pathak, Dharmen Vyas, had got! Now I am counting you too in his audience!

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Gujarati poem


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