Stock Trading Analysis Form

(Print this form, fill it up and file it for each purchase transaction)
    Stock:_________ Quantity: ______             Date: _____________

Trade Price: ____________

Stop-loss Price: ___________

    Type of Stock:  
    ___ Growth
___ Cyclical/commodity Stock
___ Can't-go-any_lower
___ Value Stock
___ Fancy
___ Other________

    Volatility (Beta):
    ____ Highly volatile (beta > 1)
    ____ Moves with Market (beta ~ 1)
    ____ Less volatile than market (< 1)
  Recent price trend: (circle your answer)
     Short term (1-3 weeks): Up  /  Down
     Intermediate (1-3 months): Up  /  Down
     Long-term trend: Up  /  Down


        My intended holding period is (please select one)


___ Just to flirt around and make some quick bucks
___ Less than a year
1-3 years
Long term
Until it reaches _____ dollars.

    At this moment I think the lowest this stock's price can go is ______ dollars.
However if it does go below it,
       _____ I will still hold on to it.
_____ No, I will not hold it below that price and would book losses.

I am buying this stock (please select one item from below)
     _____ its good fundamentals/ value at current price
technical factors (charts, trends, patterns, etc)
     _____ some hunches/hope that it is going to go up in near future.
     _____ an analyst recently recommended/upgraded the stock
     _____ recently there was good news/ earnings report
     _____ inside information/ news/announcement
     _____ I know this stock and the industry very well
     _____ A friend told me about it (Note: My friend has no position in it yet / My friend is already in it.)
_____ Other: Please Specify____________________________________________________________________

Reasons why I am buying this stock today:
     _____ It has fallen a lot. It canít go any further down!
     _____ A tip from reliable source.
     _____ Good signal/breakout/support on price chart
     _____ The market is strong and this should also go up!
     _____ I want to average and lower my cost.

The best source of information for this stock is:
A website/ A friend/ An analyst/ A newsletter Specify name: _____________________


Positive things about this stock:




The other stocks I was considering versus the one I am buying right now were _________________________________

Some concerns/weaknesses (if any):






Portfolio Strategy:
Investment Objective:
____ invest as you go (No formal strategy)

____ Income with Capital protection
____ Diversification (to reduce risk)
____ Aggressive Growth
____ Speculation
____ Other:____________________

Target Portfolio:
o Size (Based on contributions) _________
o # of companies in portfolio (target): _____
o # of companies currently owned:____
o # stocks in profit as of today: ______
o Out of last 3 purchases, ____ are above my purchase price as of today.


One month review:
Status: In profit†/†In loss

New developments:



Current Price: _____††††††† Date: _________

Six month review:
Status: In profit†/ In loss

New developments:



Current Price: ______††††††† Date: ________

Review at the time of sale:
Status: In Profit/ In Loss

Lessons learnt:



Sell Price: ______††††††† Date: ________

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