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Parks in Simi Valley

Simi Valley has variety of parks. Each park has something special to offer. I saw someone compile a nice list in a local printed magazin The Life in Simi Valley- July 2014. I wanted to put a link to their nice compilation but unfortunately that seems to be an ad magazine and there is no website! So I have typed in the list here. I am aware that this can be a copyright violation but I think that magazine serves local businesses. My list here can help the same audiance they are targetting. If this list brings some new visitors to Simi Valley, I am sure they will be happy too. Anyway, if you are the owner of this content or for any reason, if you want me to bring down this content, please let me know.

Great cities have great parks and The Life in Simi Valley magazine would like to share some of the great features that our city has to offer. Below is a list of the things that we love most about our parks.

  • Old School Monkey Bars - Citrus Grove Park is a little bit older which is probably why they have great monkey bars and climbing features. Most new parks don't come with Monkey Bars. (Located at 2100 N. Marvel CL on the corner of L.A. Ave. and Erringer)
  • Slides and More Slides - Sequoia Park may not have the biggest slides, but they have got quantity and they are the perfect size for toddlers. (Located at 2150 N. Tracy Ave. near Garden Grove Elementary)
  • Let's Go for a Run - Rancho Santa Susana (S Turn) Park offers a variety of things, but we vote them most notable for their long jogging track that is nearly a mile long. (Located on L.A. Ave. and Stearns)
  • Best Water Feature - Rancho Simi (Duck Pond) Park has it all, but the duck pond is what it is known for. This is a great place for a family outing, but make sure to watch out for the geese. (Located on Royal and Erringer)
  • Hiking and Outdoors - Corriganville Park offers a multitude of hikes and even a little bit of bouldering. (Located near the South end of Kuehner)
  • Coolest Theme - Frontier Park is themed in old pioneer fashion with a cov-ered wagon, canon and other amenities to represent Simi's past. It is also coupled with an equestrian trail. (Located at 2163 Elizondo Ave.)
  • Most Recreational - Rancho Tapo (Lemon) Park offers the most diverse fea-tures in the city. If two playgrounds and a picnic pavilion weren't enough, the park also has a softball field, exercise equipment, a 1/2 mile jogging track, pickleball, tennis, shuffleboard, bocce ball and basketball courts, plus a water spray play area for kids. If you are looking for something active then Lemon Park has something for you. (Located on Lemon Dr. and Avenida Simi)
  • Best Park for Hot Lava Monster - Vista Del Arroyo Park has an awesome playground that is perfect for the game that all of us played as kids. It is long and spread out with multiple ladders and steps for access, making it optimal for kids to play tag. (Located off of Chicory Leaf on the South side of Sequoia Ave.)
  • Go Fish - Simi Hills golf course is mostly known for golf of course, but near the entrance there is a pond and some nice grass that make a great spot to teach your kids how to fish. (Located on the East end of Alamo St.)
  • Best Scenery - Stargaze park lives up to its name. Beautiful grass in wide open space is perfect for laying out and enjoying the sun. The park is back dropped by the hills of Simi Valley and is quite serene. (Located off of Tierra Rejada just past Target)
  • Scariest Park - Sycamore Park is beautiful in the daytime, and has great ame-nities. There have been tall tales and ghost stories however during the night. (Located at 855 N. Planetree Ave. behind Fitzgerald)
  • Best Kept Secret - Mayfair Park is not widely known, but it offers something unique to Simi... Dinosaurs! The park has fossils buried in the sand so take your kids there to explore and imagine. (Located at 2550 Caldwell St., acces-sible from Cochran St.)
  • Best Event Park - Rancho Madera has the space, the facilities, and the am-phitheater for great events. It is a great place to bring a large group or to enjoy an event from the Parks District. (Located at 556 Lake Park Drive in the Wood Ranch area)
  • Great for Photo-shoots - Santa Susana Park and Depot are some of Simi's oldest attractions. They are both tucked up against the knolls near Kuehner and the old train station makes a great backdrop for pictures. (Located on Katherine Rd.)
  • Coolest All Around Playground - Verde Park has a playground equipped with all of the newest features. Your kids will never be bored while playing there. (Located at 6045 E. Nelda St. near L.A. Ave. and Yosemite)

    Source: The Life in Simi Valley July 2014 23

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