Parks in Simi Valley

Simi Valley has variety of parks. Each park has something special to offer. I saw someone compile a nice list in a local printed magazin The Life in Simi Valley- July 2014. I wanted to put a link to their nice compilation but unfortunately that seems to be an ad magazine and there is no website! So I have typed in the list here. I am aware that this can be a copyright violation but I think that magazine serves local businesses. My list here can help the same audiance they are targetting. If this list brings some new visitors to Simi Valley, I am sure they will be happy too. Anyway, if you are the owner of this content or for any reason, if you want me to bring down this content, please let me know.

Great cities have great parks and The Life in Simi Valley magazine would like to share some of the great features that our city has to offer. Below is a list of the things that we love most about our parks.