Hiking in Las Virgenes Area:

Las Virgenes Trailhead:

From Las Virgenes trailhead, you can do two hikes as such (Loop 1 and the other one is not shown as such in map below). From the Victory Blvd trailhead, you can have loop number 2 as shown in the map.

In September 2007, we did Loop 1.

las virgenes trail

What kind of Hike is this?

This Las Virgenes Open Space hiking is a pleasant 3 to 4 mile hike. You can do it in two versions. This is an easy hike- ideal for family with young kids. Depending on the composition of the hiking group, you can go a Fire-road only version (easy one 3.5 mile in total) or can add some nice views and elevation by going on a sort of little risky trail for some part of the loop (making your hike a 4 mile hike). For most people I would advise to go on the longer version- the one that we- LAHikers did. Let me take you on the virtual tour of it.

Best if done in cool weather. Keep water with you.

Las Virgenes Trailhead:

Very easy to find. From 101, exit on Las Virgenes/Malibu Canyon exit. Go north on it. From 101 South, take Right and from 101 North, take left, after you exit from the freeway. (For most Indians, Malibu Hindu Temple is a pretty famous place. If you go South after exit from 101 freeway, you will reach this famous Malibu Hindu temple in 2 miles.)
On Las Virgenes Road, drive for around two miles and the road ends. Park on the side as shown in the picture below.

Trailhead- Aerial View:

Shows starting of the loop and end of the hike

las virgenes trail areal view

Las Virgenes Trailhead: Important tip: If you are looking for little difficult but more fun version (Version 2) of this loop, please take left immediate after you pass this metal fence. Don't go on the fire-road which you see in front of the person (Ketan I mean) in the picture below:

trail head for hikers

More like a mountain road- Hill on one side and valley (sort of) on the other side) Nice fun walk on this trail which goes around a mile making your total hike of Loop 1a 4 mile one. If you choose all fire road version, it is around 3.5 miles IMO.

nice trail


Picture of the Las Virgenes Trailhead from the top of the trail. The arrow in Red is where you are going to go when you complete the loop.

las virgenes trail

Nice rocks to amuse kids- I am sure they will like to collect few of them.

las virgenes trail

Look at the nice view of the hills:

The trail merges with the fire-road all easy going forward.

Felt like we were the boss of these thousands of acres- so quiet area with some birds chirping or some nice sound of wind blowing. Hardy any people around.


Some nice trees on the way. Quiet nice hike.

Easy directions so far. Always take right when you come across any trail junction. Not here. Look for lot of trees. Take left at this junction to get back to the Las Virgenes trailhead- your car.

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